Make Movement Fun in 5 Easy Steps

The last time I walked into a gym, the smell of sweaty towels and old sneakers sent me running for the exit. I don’t especially like working out, but I need to find ways to break a sweat daily. I feel better for hours (even days) after I do a

Foot Reflexology: Communing with Your Sole

You feel the sun caressing your face, and a salty breeze tousles your hair. You breathe deeply as waves of cool water refresh your hot feet, pulling sand through your toes . . . but then the phone rings. The daydream’s over—your desk is strewn with unfinished projects, and your

7 Health Apps That Could Change Your Life

The digital age brings with it many pros and cons when it comes to supporting our level of health and well-being. In recent years, the selection of wellness apps available has increased exponentially, and it’s an area of development that is continuing to gain momentum. We here at PureRejuv have

10 Practices to Help You Feel Grateful Every Day

The daily practice of gratitude can effectively train your brain to be more positive and perhaps even happier. When we repeat a behavior over time, our brain rewires itself to do it more effortlessly in the future. Try to contemplate on the happy events in life to enable the brain

What’s Your Dosha — Vata, Pitta, or Kapha?

One of the most helpful concepts in Ayurveda is the premise that each of us has a particular constitution or “type” and that good health comes from living in harmony with it. Ayurveda sees all of creation as being made of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Integrative Medicine or Holistic Medicine? Ask the Expert

For this Ask the Expert interview we talk to Dr. Theresa Oswald about how she practices integrative medicine, and how she’s using this approach to help her patients. What do you consider to be holistic or integrative in an overall approach to medicine? Technically, “holistic” and

What Is Herbal Medicine Anyway?

Herbal medicine is a vast and fascinating world that is both fun to learn about and extremely beneficial for our health and vitality. Since the dawn of humankind, plant medicine has been used effectively to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments. The five-volume herbal treatise produced by Pedanius

Summer Reading 2016 Recommendations

It’s that time of year when most of us find ourselves taking a vacation or slowing down to enjoy the summer sun. If your idea of relaxing by the pool or ocean includes diving into an interesting book, we have 2 books to recommend adding to your summer reading list

Best Workout Playlists – Summer Edition

If you’re in need of some motivational workout music to get out and “soak up the sun” this summer, plug in your headphones and listen to one of our summer workout playlists. These 3 playlists were chosen from our Elixir staff team's favorite songs to work out to. These are

What Is Biofeedback? Ask the Expert

The simplest way to define biofeedback is that it’s a technique to help you gain greater awareness and voluntary control of your body’s functions (for example, your heart rate or muscle tension). It’s typically used to improve your health or physical performance. When you check your heart rate during an