Foot Reflexology: Communing with Your Sole

You feel the sun caressing your face, and a salty breeze tousles your hair. You breathe deeply as waves of cool water refresh your hot feet, pulling sand through your toes . . . but then the phone rings. The daydream’s over—your desk is strewn with unfinished projects, and your

7 Health Apps That Could Change Your Life

The digital age brings with it many pros and cons when it comes to supporting our level of health and well-being. In recent years, the selection of wellness apps available has increased exponentially, and it’s an area of development that is continuing to gain momentum. We here at PureRejuv have

10 Healthy Habits to Add to Your Daily Routine

Little daily habits will accumulate one way or another,” my mother, sainted Ruthie, used to say to me as a child, as she’d remind me daily about the things children seem to forget, like making my bed or picking up my clothes. Little did I realize that this

7 Simple Suggestions for Better Sleep

Sleep is an essential restorative activity for the health of both our body and our brain. Without sufficient sleep, we are more likely to develop serious problems like high blood pressure, obesity, depression, or diabetes. Lack of sleep affects some 70 million Americans, with people over fifty showing a greater

Insomnia? Ask the Expert

I’m generally exhausted by the end of the day so I fall asleep just fine, but I wake up a few hours later and can’t go back to sleep. Do I have insomnia or is something more serious going on? Unfortunately yes—you do have insomnia, but not the movie-scene

The Stress-Relief Secret of a Crocodile

Looking for a fast, easy way to unwind from the stress of the day? It’s long been known in the scientific community that diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing is necessary to trigger the body’s relaxation response. There is a yoga pose—the crocodile pose—whose main purpose is to help train

Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Sleep is influenced by many factors. Diet, exercise, stress management, and a comfy bed all matter! While insomnia and chronic sleeplessness may require a medical consultation, making a few simple changes to your bedtime routine will have a lasting, positive effect. Try these tips and sleep better tonight. Treat