Farmers Market Tour: Shop Local, Go Organic, Eat Healthier

Organic and sustainably produced foods are both delicious and healthy for you. In fact, such foods have a higher nutritional value than conventionally grown foods and contain little or no harmful pesticides. Studies show that eating foods grown with pesticides increases the risk of cancer, and can potentially cause other

Integrative Medicine or Holistic Medicine? Ask the Expert

For this Ask the Expert interview we talk to Dr. Theresa Oswald about how she practices integrative medicine, and how she’s using this approach to help her patients. What do you consider to be holistic or integrative in an overall approach to medicine? Technically, “holistic” and

Sweet, Dark Secrets: Dissolving Your Sugar Cravings

It’s 4 p.m. Work deadlines are looming, but you need to rush to pick up your son from soccer practice; you didn’t get the bank deposit made; and there is a nagging ache in your left temple. At the moment, all you can think of is the vending machine that

Fasting 101: Beginner’s Guide to Cleansing

Spring is a time for renewal inside and out. We start to pack away winter gear, clean out our houses, and prepare our gardens for the warmer weather ahead. Our body can also benefit from a spring cleanse. Whether it is clearing our mind with meditation or cleansing our body

Tuning up the Body with Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle form of massage that promotes muscle release using targeted manipulation interspersed with rest periods that give the body time to relax and heal. Bowen therapy works with the flow of energy, chi, or "life force” – similar to Shiatsu, acupressure, and acupuncture. This post offers

The Healthy Indulgence of Touch Therapy: Massage Infographic

Are you in the mood to indulge yourself, but need a compelling reason to get a massage? More and more scientific research supports the healing benefits of massage: various forms of massage, bodywork and energy work help with sleep, digestion, emotions and pain. Some studies even track restorative changes

Healthy Eating Guide: Three Simple Steps

PureRejuv Medical Director, Dr. Carrie Demers outlines 3 easy tips to establish healthy eating habits this year.

Stress Relief for the Whole Family

Stress relief is often presented as an individual endeavor, but what if individual stress relief benefited not just us but everyone around us? This concept is on par with the idea that if “we lower our stress, we enjoy a better life.” Sounds simple and easy right? Not so

Just The Right Touch: Massage Infographic

Why get a massage? Though the most common reason is relaxation, the word is out: massage and bodywork can be deeply healing. But the proliferation of therapies available these days can make walking into a spa or massage establishment as confusing as walking into a restaurant where the language, not

New Year, New You: Strategies for Weight Loss

I have avoided writing about weight loss for years because of our culture’s obsession with thinness. I never wanted to contribute to our societal self-condemnation for not being perfect. But as more and more of my patients come to me struggling to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, or