Make Movement Fun in 5 Easy Steps

The last time I walked into a gym, the smell of sweaty towels and old sneakers sent me running for the exit. I don’t especially like working out, but I need to find ways to break a sweat daily. I feel better for hours (even days) after I do a

Best Workout Playlists – Summer Edition

If you’re in need of some motivational workout music to get out and “soak up the sun” this summer, plug in your headphones and listen to one of our summer workout playlists. These 3 playlists were chosen from our Elixir staff team's favorite songs to work out to. These are

Best 2016 Workout Playlists – Winter Edition

Winter weather got you skimping on exercise? It’s February, and for many of us that means cold and inclement weather makes sticking to an exercise routine challenging. As February draws to a close, we realize spring is right around the corner—time is running out to work off the holiday indulgences

Beginning Yoga? Hatha Yoga That Fits

Managing stress, sleep issues, and chronic health conditions can be a challenge in our fast-paced world. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and hypertension are common concerns, even among our healthy friends. You’ve probably heard that yoga helps with these and other problems, but if thought of trying it is adding

Back On Track

Low back pain, aching shoulders, or a stiff neck can nag at us night and day, causing sleeplessness, agitation, and aggravation. Much of this discomfort has a simple cause: poor posture. While maintaining good posture can be challenging, a few simple reminders will help. Use these easy posture cues

Exercise? Ask the Expert

You have a background in nursing and exercise physiology, and now you’re focusing on yoga. How did you choose this path? How do these three disciplines complement each other? In college I was a good student, but an aimless one.  Through a series of fortunate circumstances, I was introduced to

Spa in Your Pocket? Think Yellow!

Imagine you have a friend small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase, an ally who will give you daily massages to ease stress and fatigue and relieve muscle tension—all for a onetime cost of $3. Think yellow. Think tennis balls! The procedure is simple: place a tennis