by Elixir Staff

The digital age brings with it many pros and cons when it comes to supporting our level of health and well-being. In recent years, the selection of wellness apps available has increased exponentially, and it’s an area of development that is continuing to gain momentum. We here at PureRejuv have selected 7 apps that merit your consideration. Check out what we think are the best health apps in the digital wellness world right now.


~Review by Anthony Distler

An app designed to improve many different aspects of your wellness, SuperBetter focuses not only on movement and exercise but also on nutrition, water intake, positive affirmations, and social interactions. You are essentially playing a game with different tasks—as you complete those tasks, you “level up.” SuperBetter provides clear goals to accomplish, and even allows you to add your own goals too. You can also invite friends to join you in the app, allowing tasks to be completed together. I would recommend this app to anyone serious about bettering themselves, but be warned: it only works if you’re truly honest about what you have accomplished!

Available on iOS or android? Both
Cost? Free


~Review by David Goddard

Jiyo describes itself as a “personal well-being companion”. Video and written content can be chosen and viewed via channels, categories, or experts. A monthly subscription option allows you to view certain videos that would otherwise be locked, and content is delivered to your personal feed each day based on your usage habits. There is a large amount of information from many successful experts in their fields. That being said—the nature of certain content seems redundant at times. I would recommend checking out the free version of this app first and making sure the topics are relevant to you before paying for a monthly subscription.

Available on iOS or android? Both
Cost? Free for basic version, with tiered monthly pricing for additional features.

Solfeggio Sonic Meditation

~Review by Nema Nyar

The Solfeggio Sonic Meditation app is a great introduction to sound healing, particularly for emotional issues. The tracks consist of relaxation cues and affirmations by Britain’s leading hypnotherapist, Glenn Harrold. Proponents of solfeggio frequencies claim that they are healing because they are in tune with the vibrations that create the universe. There are tracks based on 6 different solfeggio frequencies, each of which heals some aspect of our emotional life. I got started with frequency 639, which promotes harmonious relationships and emotional stability. I was a little skeptical at first of the sounds themselves—I wasn’t taken with the music’s overly sweet vibe—but by the end of the 33-minute track I felt so relaxed I was literally flattened on the floor. I would definitely recommend this app to a friend.

Available on iOS or android? iOS only
Cost? $3.99 for one frequency, $17.99 for the bundle of 6.


~Review by Beth Spindler

Most biofeedback apps for iPhone monitor your heart and breathing rates, and use that data to provide auditory or visual cues to help you relax and lower stress levels. iBiofeedback tracks your heart rate and integrates it into healing “modules” that help you meditate, recite mantras, or simply relax. Each module adjusts the display or auditory delivery based on changes in your heart rate. To work to its fullest extent, the app requires an external heart rate measurement sensor. However, the application also gives you the option of tapping your heart rate on your iPhone’s screen. I’d recommend this app to friends who are new to the concept of relaxation for healing.

Available on iOS or android? iOS only
Cost? $1.99. Additional modules cost extra.

Coloring for Mindfulness: World Mandalas

~Review by Lisa Hartjen

Coloring for Mindfulness: World Mandalas is designated as a “coloring book for adults”. The app is part of a new trend in mindfulness training for those looking to make time for quiet, reflective moments throughout the day. It comes with a number of coloring outlines: historic rose windows, mandala patterns, and many more. Users choose from a wide variety of color palettes to “color in” the templates using a touch-screen interface that simulates the act of coloring using a “fill” tool. While it’s easy to undo and redo unintentional actions, this points to one of the downsides of this app: the quick response of the fill-tool function can be a source of frustration when filling small areas with color. While I appreciate any opportunity to play with color, I don’t foresee this app replacing my adult coloring pages. I would suggest using this app to experiment with color choices, then printing out a template for hand coloring.

Available on iOS or android? iOS only
Cost? Free for limited version. $2.99 for full version.

Brain Wave

~Review by Karin Berzins

There is a reason Brain Wave has been one of the top-selling apps in its field for years—it works. Brain Wave enables your brain to enter the mental states most ideal for whatever task or situation you face. The app produces frequencies (or pulses) that stimulate the brain into entering a specific state. It features programs to help you sleep, wake up, concentrate, be more creative, reduce stress, meditate, and even help you get motivated for exercise. I most often use the critical thinking track in the afternoons when I’m tired or frazzled but need to concentrate and produce something complicated for work. I also frequently use the deep relaxation and pre-exercise energy tracks. Unfortunately you cannot try it out for free, but I would highly recommend it. I’ve been using it consistently for over 4 years and it’s great!

Available on iOS or android? iOS only
Cost? $.99 – $4.99.


~Review by Karin Berzins

Breathe2Relax is a basic introduction to deep diaphragmatic breathing techniques that help you relax and manage stress. Through a combination of videos and breathing exercises it teaches you the basics of how to breathe effectively and mindfully. The app has a stress tracker to help you identify how stressed you are. It also allows you to customize the lengths of your inhalations and exhalations. On the down side, it relies on you knowing whether or not you are actually breathing properly, as there is no automated feedback. This is the best free app we tested: it has all the basic components to teach you how to properly apply deep-breathing techniques to reduce stress.

Available on iOS or android? Both
Cost? Free


Featured image by Karolina Grabowska